Marketing Thesis Statement - Guide for Students

A good marketing thesis statement is important for you to present the main ideas of your research paper or any other assignment. And, a proper thesis statement will be useful for the success of your marketing paper.

A thesis statement conveys the main idea of your project. It should be based on the issue you are going to explore and sometimes can be a few sentences long. The type of your assignment doesn't matter — a thesis statement is always compulsory because it reflects the purpose of your writing.

The Topic

Writing a thesis statement on marketing requires you to narrow down the range of possible topics first. Marketing is an area that is too broad to be covered in a single paper. The first thing is to pick the most appropriate topics. For example, you can decide to write on the following themes:

The main point is to find a good topic and stick to it. A focus on the topic will help you make a thesis statement compelling and precise. If you want to widen the subject matter, you can add a sub-topic. It can be any of the following:

However, these are only examples, and you are free to use any subtopic if needed.

It is helpful to write your subtopic in the form of a question. For example, you can ask "How does search engine marketing affect teens in the state of California?", and this is what your thesis statement will state. You have succeeded in narrowing your topics down and even considering subtopics. What's next?

Profound Research

After writing your thesis statement, the next thing to do would be to begin your research. Start your research with consulting reliable books, articles, and online sources that are relevant to your marketing topic. Be sure to refer only to up-to-date information sources. Why fill your project with the facts from unreputable journals, gossip TV-shows, and other sources that are generally frowned on?

Use Citations

Sometimes it's not a good idea to use citations in your thesis statement (because it won't be unique this way). But, it should strongly be added to the body of your paper. Reliable quotes in your marketing paper are encouraged because they support your own ideas and make the text more compelling. Use your citations properly and format them according to the standards. Of course, if you buy a research paper on marketing online, things are much easier. As a rule, professional writers are aware of how to preserve the format particularities and make your paper meet the academic requirements. In the end, make sure to include all the sources used in a separate list known as a Reference list or Works Cited.

Importance of Appendices

Be sure to add the appendices to your work. Choose only interesting materials that will not only engage the audience but resonate with the thesis statement of yours. All those materials (charts, images, tables, etc.) will give your readers an idea of the structure of your research and its reliability. The appendices should also include the meaning of an abbreviation used in the body of your assignment. Moreover, appendices are helpful when there are a lot of foreign words or difficult terms in your paper.

Analyze the Conclusion

All academic papers should have a strong conclusion that at some point, is the reflection of your thesis statement. If you have been focused throughout the writing, the conclusion will is natural and coherent. If you feel that this part is difficult for you, go back to the thesis statement. Analyze it and think if you have written and explained enough to answer, prove, or challenge it properly? Your marketing paper conclusion should give some kind of summary of your work. However, depending on the type of your writing, you can finish the paper without answering a particular question. For example, you can just analyze the findings and explain how specialists can use them for any future studies in a certain are. The point is not to leave your readers guessing what the meaning of your paper was.

We guarantee that with these tips and recommendations, you will succeed with your marketing thesis statement and take a step towards an A-grade assignment!